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Our Three Day Charleston Adventure

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

If you know Ford and me, you know that we are always trying to find an excuse to travel. Rolling into Ford's 28th year of life sounded like a more than reasonable excuse to hit the road. In a week and a half, Ford and I planned the perfect birthday getaway, and I am stoked to share!

While planning our Charleston adventure, there were a handful of directions to take in experiencing the charming city. There's island hopping for the beach bum, plenty of history for the history buff, and it's a foodie's paradise. Ford and I did a combo of all the above :)

A reasonable flight from Nashville to Charleston was nonexistent (especially in such short notice), so we decided to drive- a whomping eight and half hour drive, obviously made better by gas station snacks, Starbucks, and a good read. Ford took the reign on the hotel situation. Typically, Ford and I are very unbiased on whether we stay at a hotel or an Airbnb. We have had our share of good and bad experiences at both. However, after Ford's research, he was sold on https://www.thedewberrycharleston.com/ , and what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets!! Although staying here was definitely a splurge, we would have found it hard to stay anywhere else in Charleston. The bed was comfy, the location was unbeatable, and the service was awesome.

I want to elaborate just a little more on our hotel stay, because I feel like it's totally worth mentioning. We actually spent a lot of time in our hotel either in the "Living Room" or at the Citrus Club, pretty much two hotel bars.

The Living Room, Ford's favorite, is a mid-century modern library that you just can't help but feel cozy in while enjoying a boozy cocktail at their gorgeous brass bar.

My favorite bar was the Citrus Club, featuring citrus inspired cocktails on the rooftop of the hotel, which happens to be Charleston's highest rooftop. The views are perfection.

Friday, our first full day in Charleston. WOW, it's HOT in Charleston this time of year. Dressing light and wearing your comfiest shoes are a must for exploring Charleston by foot. We started off our day brunching at http://fleetlanding.net/ where we enjoyed their known "stuffed hushpuppies" and seafood. From there we embarked on our own self-guided walking tour inspired by https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/the-best-things-to-do-in-charleston-sc . We walked through waterfront park, by the photo opt Pineapple Fountain, through Rainbow Row, The Battery, and allllllll the way back up the famous King Street.

The walking tour doesn't take very long, probably an hour and a half at most. However, I wish we would have spent just a little more time going in and out of the shops on King Street. From the coast side walking inward you can browse more high end shops that then eventually turn into more of the nightlife/restaurant/bar scene. There is a little something for everyone! We ended our time on King Street by Antique'n and taking a tour/tasting of http://highwiredistilling.squarespace.com/# , Charlestons first distillery since prohibition. Sadly, they were not distilling while we were there.

Friday night's dinner was probably one of my favorite dinners of the trip. https://eattheordinary.com/ was TO. DIE. FOR. The menu is unique and different and all to share. If you like to eat "safe" and are not very open to trying new things .. this place is not for you. Here's a quick rundown of what we enjoyed and the order we ate it.

*Burrata, Heirloom Tomato, Field Pea Vinaigrette

*Smoked Oyster + Saltines, Hot Sauce

*Crispy Oyster Slider

*Tete de Poisson, Pickled Tomato, Dill Tartar

*Grilled Triggerfish, Braised Artichoke, Pistou

If I could recommend one thing - the smoked oysters were UNBELIEVABLE. Like I need some right now ...

We ended our night by stopping for a cocktail at http://www.charlestonproof.com/ , which was overcrowded by a wedding party, and a drink at the hotel and called it a night.

Day two was spent exploring local markets, beach'n, and lots of eating .. obviously. Thankfully, a cooler morning than the day before, we were able to enjoy walking around the Charleston Farmers Market. We could actually look out of our hotel window and watch it being set up with it only being a few steps away from the Dewberry. From there we had brunch at https://snobcharleston.com/ and hit the road to Sullivans Island for our beach day. Although Charleston beaches are much different than the ones we have experienced in Florida, it was a very fun, relaxing, and much needed day after our day of walking the day before.

On a rather unfortunate note, I guess Ford and I didn't do enough research on the SC beaches. A cooler full of White Claw later, we got slapped with a $260 ticket for having alcohol on the beach. It's an alcohol-free beach apparently. Surrounded by so many locals you would have thought at least somebody would have warned us. Not the case.

After that buzz kill, we decided to restaurant hop around Sullivans, and it was so much fun that I almost forgot about that hefty ticket! We hopped to http://poestavern.com/sullivans-island/ for a couple of beers, http://www.theobstinatedaughter.com/ for oysters, the most amazing brussel sprouts, and pizza, and finally https://hometeambbq.com/location/sullivans-island/ for the best wings I've ever put in my mouth and their "Game Changer" drink. I consider myself a BBQ expert after living in Memphis and Nashville, and Home Team was right up there with them all. The environment was so fun and that game changer ... it changed the game.

Day three, day three, day three!! Some may start losing momentum at this part during the trip but not Ford and me!! So many fun happenings this day. We started off our morning with a Gospel Brunch at https://hallschophouse.com/ . So many people told us that Halls was old, overrated and that if we wanted that type of cuisine we should go elsewhere. I'm so happy we didn't listen to them. Halls was an experience and such a Charleston staple. The owner was walking around, greeting people, and was so personable. They ask you when you sit down if you are celebrating anything special. We told them we were from Nashville celebrating a birthday and they brought us complimentary champagne and a dessert of our choice. I mean, how nice?! They totally didn't have to do that, but it was such a special touch. On top of that, the food was great. I highly recommend the crab bisque.

Next stop, we drove out of the city to https://www.boonehallplantation.com/ for a little history lesson. The beautiful estate takes you back to explore the past with numerous educational exhibits. We walked around and explored on our own and also did the free tour that they offered inside. the site is simply stunning with the most gorgeous magnolia trees.

From there we drove even further to https://cypressgardens.berkeleycountysc.gov/ to take in its beauty. This was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. It was like a scene out of The Notebook, literally. We took a swamp boat out for the best view of the garden. It was dreamy and so peaceful as we floated through the cypress trees. On another note, they must really trust their tourists to send them out with no guide amongst a swamp of gators.

Once back at the Dewberry, we enjoyed one last sunset at The Citrus Club, enjoyed dinner at https://thedarling.com/ , and then went on a haunted ghost tour of the Charleston jail through https://www.bulldogtours.com/ . If you like a good spook, you gotta check them out. One last cocktail at http://theginjoint.com/ and back to the hotel just in time for some room service chicken tenders .. don't judge!

Monday, we ate BBQ at https://lewisbarbecue.com/ , and HIT THE ROAD. I hope you enjoyed our three day Charleston experience and you've been convinced to visit the gorgeous Charleston.

Thats a wrap ✌🏽



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