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My Vermont Top 9

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Before you visit Vermont, you must first pick your vice. Whether you want to participate in the numerous winter sports offered or take in the beautiful fall foliage, each season in Vermont offers something different but wonderful. If I had to describe Vermont in one word, I would say Vermont is “chill”. Following Wyoming, Vermont is the second least populated state in the country with a population of 623,989. If you‘re looking for a slow down or consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, I feel confident that Vermont would be a fun trip for you. Enjoy my Vermont must-dos!

1. Overnight In A Yurt

Ok, my husband needed a little convincing on this one, but he totally thanked me after. This is great for a couple or a small group. Again, Vermont is relaxed and most known for its beauty. What better way to take it in than glamping out in an upscale tent. Bring a few board games and a six-pack of Vermont’s well-known beers and get cozy. The bathroom/shower is located in the basement of the main house on the property. It does take a minute or two to walk there, but it’s not as inconvenient as we originally thought it would be. During our visit, there were several feet of snow on the ground. The host had a lovely stove fire burning with detailed directions on how to keep it going throughout our stay. Also, very important, the bed was SO COMFY. Oh, and make sure to turn off your alarms because nature's little critters will be enough for ya. For those of you interested in bringing your fur babies, don’t be afraid to reach out to the host even if it says “no pets”. Our host had no problems with Ruby coming with an extra $25 cleaning fee - worth it! Go book your stay -

Our Yurt Stay!

Check out a few other Vermont yurts - https://abnb.me/1ewzSaeOU4







2. Tour A Real Life Sugarhouse (with SAMPLES)

This is a MUST. Sorry, Aunt Jemima, I will never look at you the same. The end of March is the prime time to visit or tour any of Vermont’s sugarhouses, as this is when the majority of their syrup is made. We visited Baird Farm in Chittenden, Vermont, a maple farm that has been in the family for nearly 100 years and I would argue makes the best dang maple syrup you will ever put in your mouth. Baird Farm shares it all. The tour includes the history of the farm, a walk down to the maple trees, a look into the production process, and of course samples! Make sure to visit on a production day to make the most of your experience. The tour is FREE! Although, I highly recommend purchasing their products in their store afterwards, but I won’t have to convince you of that ;) We purchased their maple jerky, maple sweetened organic ketchup, and of course syrup.

A tour can be set up by email at a time that works best for you. As you can imagine, many farms have become touristy and have become more of a production, Baird Farm was the furthest thing from this. You can also purchase their products online.

Baird Farm

Other Sugarhouses to visit in Vermont -

Sugar Bush Farm

Mitchs Maples

Goodrich Maple Farm

Green's Sugarhouse

3. Visit Your Pals Ben & Jerry

For all you Ben & Jerry's lovers, you can visit the factory where it all began in Waterbury, VT. Pay your respects to the flavors that have come and gone in their B & J graveyard, take a 30-minute factory tour, then EAT ICE CREAM!

4. Get Crafty

Vermont has boasting rights on having the most breweries per capita in all 50 states, meaning it has the most breweries per number of residents! You may not think of Vermont as one of the best places to drink beer, but definitely worthy of your attention. I could sit here and tell you my personal favs, but the truth is we all have different opinions on good beer! So, I’m attaching a helpful link I followed. Vermont Breweries

5. Take A Drive

Some of my favorite times during this road trip were spent in a car. It’s amazing the little wonders you can stumble upon when you go off the beaten path. Put your fav playlist on and get lost! Some scenic drives to look into include but are not limited to - Route 100, Lake Champlain Byway, Connecticut River National Byway, and Stone Valley Scenic Byway just to name a few. You can’t go wrong in the summer or the fall.

6. Woodstock, VT

You cannot visit Vermont without spending at least half a day in Woodstock, consistently voted one of America's cutest small towns. The town is filled with outdoor activities, shops, picturesque backdrops, good food, breweries, farms, and many lodging options. Here are my recs for the town -

Where to stay - Woodstock INN

Where to eat - The Red Rooster; Soulfully Good Cafe; Mon Vert Cafe; Worthy Kitchen

Shops - FH Gillingham & Sons; Farmhouse Pottery; The Yankee Bookshop

To-Do - Woodstock Farmer's Market; Sugarbush Farm; Falconry; Plymouth Artisan Cheese; Billings Farm and Museum

7. Fall Foliage

This is self-explanatory. Google “Vermont fall foliage” and you will know what I’m talking about.

8. Get Sporty With It

When all else fails, Vermont has just about any winter sport/activity you could think of. More popular areas include Stowe and Killington, Vermont. Ice climbing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, you name it they got it! You can also find excellent hiking if you are visiting in the summer. We didn’t partake in any snow hikes, but the locals were overflowing with recommendations, so don’t be afraid to ask!

9. Don't Miss Vermont Staples

Vermont is known for its several foods/drinks. I have mentioned some of these above but key menu items to NEVER ignore while in Vermont : apple, artisan cheese, cider doughnuts, maple syrup, sugar on snow, pickled eggs, maple creemees!!!!

Feel free to reach out with any must-dos that I missed and ENJOY VERMONT!


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