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35 Spanish Phrases For Nurses

I wish I would have taken high school Spanish class a little more seriously. Most of us have had a patient throughout our nursing career that speaks little to no English. Thankfully, hospitals have a variety of resources available for aiding the language barrier between staff and patients. Today translators come in the form of a person, phone, IPAD, etc! This is great, but what about when you need to relay something to a patient on a whim? Setting up to have a translator can be time-consuming or not available the moment you need one. Still, this is not fair to our patients to address them in a manner that they do not understand, This can make their bad day much scarier.

SO, currently located in Houston, I've chosen to focus on Spanish. I've created a list, with a lot of help from my wonderful Spanish speaking co-workers, that will help you interpret the simple things, saving time while ensuring your patients are up to date on their care.

These phrases are by no means to be used as an interpreter replacement - just a bridge for ya! Also, go easy on me. I am not fluent in Spanish, just an ER nurse trying to better communicate with my patients.

1.Hello, my name is (your name). I am your nurse.

Hola, mi nombre es (your name). Yo soy tu enfermera (female) enfermero (male).

2.What is your name?

Que es tu nombre?

3.What is your date of birth?

Que es tu fecha de nacimiento?

OR make it just one question - What is your name and birthday?

Ques es tu nombre y fecha de nacimiento?

4.Do you speak English?

Tu hablas ingles?

5.Do you need an interpreter?

Tu necesitas un interprete?

6.I speak very little Spanish.

Yo hablo muy poco espanol.

7.I do not understand.

No comprendo.

8.Do you understand?


9.Where is your pain?

Donde esta tu dolor?

10.What number is your pain?

Que es tu numero de dolor?

11.Do you have chest pain?

Tu tienes dolor en el pecho?

- stomach

el estomago

- back

la espalda

- head

la cabeza

12. I need to examine you, please.

Yo necesito examinarte, por favor.

13.I have medications for you.

Tengo tu medicina

+ for nausea

para nausea.

+ for pain

para dolor.

+ headache

para dolor de cabeza.

14.Do you have any drug allergies?

Tienes alguna alergia a medicamentos?

15.I am going to take your blood.

Yo voy a tomar su sangre.

16.Do not move, please.

No te muevas, por favor.

17.The doctor will see you soon.

El medico te viene a ver pronto.

18.Please wear a mask at all times.

Por favor use mascara en todo momento.

19.You are going for an x-ray.

Tu vas para radiografia.

20.We are waiting on results.

Nosotros estamos esperando resulatados.

21.Do not eat or drink, please.

No coma o beba, por favor.

22.I need a urine sample from you.

Yo necesito un muestra de orine de ti.

23.Follow me, please.

Sigueme, por favor.

24.The bathroom is here.

El bano es aqui.

25.Sit down, please.

Sientese, por favor.

26.Stand up, please.

Levantese, por favor.

27.Is your pain better or worse?

Es tu dolor mejor o peor?

28.You are safe to go home.

Es seguro que te vayas a casa.

29.Do you have any questions?

Tienes preguntas?

30.Do you feel safe at home?

Te sientes seguru en casa?

31.Do you have thoughts of suicide?

Tienes pensamientos de suicidio?

- homicide


32.You will be here a little longer.

Usted va estar aqui por mas tiempo.

33.I'm Sorry.

Lo siento.



35.Goodbye, nice to meet you.

Adios, mucho gusto.

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